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Carnegie Lake Rowing Association Philosophy Statement

The CLRA is a community-based rowing club that seeks to involve the community in the great sport of rowing.  We welcome all, from novices to the most experienced rowers, and have an excellent Learn-To-Row program that introduces novices to the sport. Our goal is that all rowers achieve their highest level of rowing performance and relish the satisfaction in accomplishing this challenging goal, while also enjoying the social aspects of being part of our club. We use professional college coaches to help ensure that all rower’s reach their maximum potential and, for those who wish to, can compete effectively in regattas. We also support the rowing community by helping the Princeton University and National teams in a significant way.
CLRA is:
•       A community-based club that is predominantly focused on sweep rowing.
•       Open to anyone (high school age or older) who pays membership fees.
•       A cohesive organization that accommodates its different types of members – men, women, juniors, open, masters, experienced, novice – within the context of a single unified program.
•       Committed in equal measure to "Competitive," "General" and "Novice" rowers.
•       Serious about rowing and racing, and committed to coaching, training and developing the skills of all active rowers.
•       Committed to providing racing opportunities to all interested rowers who seek them.
•       Cognizant that its members must maintain a minimum level of fitness and skill, as determined by the coaches, in order to actively participate in the rowing program.
•       Committed to good sportsmanship throughout its programs. Underlying this is an assumption that all CLRA members and coaches will treat each other, our opponents, and Princeton University with respect.
•       Committed to treating the equipment we are privileged to use with care.
•       Interested in providing social activities as an important, but secondary, aspect of the club.
•       Dedicated to helping support Princeton University Crew and the National Team through housing, assistance at regattas and other activities.
•       Committed to rowing on Lake Carnegie and therefore accepting of the limitations imposed by Princeton University. 

CLRA’s Competitive Philosophy

A primary purpose of Carnegie Lake Rowing Association is to provide opportunities for members to participate in friendly competition with other rowing clubs. In support of this, our on-the-water practice session boatings are stratified. Boatings for regular sessions and regattas are made by the coaching staff and are based upon fitness, rowing ability, age, and level of commitment and participation. Rowing sessions emphasize improvement of technique and conditioning. While the primary consideration in the selection of rowers for race boats is to do as well as possible, an effort is made to accommodate all who sign up to race. Anyone who rows regularly is eligible to sign up for any regatta. Intramural races provide additional opportunities for competition.

CLRA Racing Program

All members that are in good standing and willing to make the commitment needed, as determined by our coaches, and follow the Racing Program rules, are welcome to participate in our regattas.

Discussed and accepted at 06/16/2016 Board Meeting

Contact Info

Address: PO Box 330, Princeton, NJ 08542-0330

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