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Lake Carnegie

Traffic Flow on Lake Carnegie

Follow the rules of the road on Lake Carnegie—stay to the right. Imagine the lake as a highway, with an imaginary line down the center. Do not cross into the oncoming lane under any circumstances. Also, stay off of the imaginary "shoulder" on your right side, where it's very shallow.

  • Always go through the arch which is second from the right as you face either bridge, in either direction.
  • Stay alert for the following hazards:
    • Wakes: Alert your crew to stay relaxed as they row through a wake. Tell them which side it's coming from.
    • Debris: Steer around it. If you get close to a something floating in the water, tell the rowers on that side to "watch your oars."
    • Fishing boats: Don't expect them to move. We share the lake with others, so please be considerate of them. But it is you who must get out of the way.
    • Sailboats: They have the right of way. Avoid the far end of the lake when there are sailboat races going on.
  • To help the coaches help us, wait for them at an agreed upon place on the water. They will not be able to coach your crew if you take off down the lake alone. Stay next to any other boats grouped with you under the same coach.
  • To avoid collisions and confusion, remember to communicate as often as necessary with the coach and other boats.
  • Never cut the comer at either of the two major turns on the lake. Stay to the right at all times.
Traffic Pattern for the Lakers
From start line to finish line, use:
  • Lane 3
  • Lane 4
  • Lane 5
  • Lane 2 DEAD
From finish line to start line, use:
  • Lane 1 (except uncoached blind boats)
  • Lane 0
  • Lane -1
  • Lane 2 DEAD

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