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Frequently Asked Questions

When joining as a new member, what do you consider an "Experienced Rower"?
What is the age requirement to join?
What is the difference between sweep rowing and sculling?
Does the club provide sculling opportunities?
Can I store my private boat at the boathouse?
How much does it cost to row?
How do I pay?
Do you accept credit cards?
Where do I park?
Where is your boathouse?
How old is the boathouse?
How long is the lake?
Who will I be rowing with?
Why are there orange buckets on the dock?
What types of boats do you row?
How many ergs in the boathouse?
May I use the rowing facilities at the boathouse on my own?
When do you row?
What should I wear?
What is the "modesty rule"?
Are there toilets available for our use at the boathouse?
May I use the Princeton team's locker rooms at the boathouse?
How do I go about communicating with all club members?
What should I do if I'd like to get the Lakers involved in an outside activity? Examples include fund raising, community service, volunteering for a useful cause, and so on.
What should I do if I can't make a rowing session after the easy signup is locked?
What should I do if I want to row, but the rowing session is locked?
What should I do if i'm signed up to row and there are predictions of thunder storms?
How are rowers assigned to boats? Does one row with the same crew all the time?
Is it true that everyone has to take a turn as coxswain?
Does the club race competitively? How do I get to compete?
What do I do with my shoes?
May I bring a water bottle in the boat?
How do you fold a fitted sheet?

Contact Info

Address: PO Box 330, Princeton, NJ 08542-0330

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