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New Pedestrian Bridge

Beginning later the week of March 25th, an engineering crew will be drilling some sample borings on the lake to survey for the proposed pedestrian bridge.  The location will be in the area between the Stone Bridge and the small turn.  There will be a barge located in the area and, for the most part, it will be inactive and completely out of the lake traffic pattern during normal rowing hours.  There are two windows when the barge may be anchored in our normal rowing traffic pattern on the lake.  
On April 3-4, the barge may be anchored to along the outside edge of the traffic pattern on the tow path side of the lake.  This location would be right in the area where boats often collect just after launching on the other side of the Stone Bridge.  Pleae be  careful in this area when the barge is anchored there. 
On April 9-10, the barge may be anchored directly in the center of the course, right at the center point of the lake.  During this time, make sure that all rowers and coxswains use caution in the area.  Updates to follow.

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