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After last year was a wash-out due to obvious reasons, CLRA is excited to plan for our annual Learn-to-Row program again this year.
The LTR program aims to teach the sport of rowing to adult individuals without any prior rowing experience. We try to attract new club members of any age who are or want to become more physically fit, like an outdoor water sport, and are willing to make the significant time commitment rowing requires. If this resonates with you, then we cordially invite you to apply to our Learn-to-Row Program (LTR). You will enjoy it!
Like previous years, we plan to run the program from mid September to Thanksgiving, followed by the opportunity to join the rest of the club for their indoor training until the end of December. 
The program starts with a weekend course (full day Saturday, half day on Sunday) which is mandatory to get everybody on the same page at the beginning. 
Throughout the program duration, practice sessions will be on Tuesday (5:30am), Thursday (5:30am), and Sunday (2:00pm), all lasting approximately 90 minutes. In order to graduate from the program, a minimum of ten On-The-Water (OTW) sessions is required.
A typical session will consist of:
●      Showing up on time (actually ~5:15am) and be dressed for the weather (even bad weather)
●      Check in to let us know you’re there and see where you’re boated
●      Some light warm-up routine to get going
●      Take boats to the dock and launch
●      Rowing drills on the water
●      Cleaning the boat and putting it back on the racks 
Interested ? We hope to see you there !!
The LTR Committee

Covid Related Disclaimer

Even though things are recovering quickly at the moment, we cannot predict the future. Therefore we want to make you aware of the chance that we a) have to run a smaller program than usual ( about max. 25 instead of 45 people), or b) as the worst case won’t be able to offer a LTR program at all. 
We will inform all registered people no later than 08.15.2021 about the final go-ahead for this year's LTR program.
We will also have to adjust some other details for this year’s LTR program:
●      Participants should expect to show proof of completed COVID vaccination.
●      We will likely not have access to the inside of the PU boathouse and ALL activities will need to take place outside. This will somewhat restrict our ability to teach the rowing stroke basics on rowing machines as we typically do, but on the plus side will likely make us get on the water earlier.
●      The LTR weekend will likely be held not in the boathouse, but in a different location that we’re currently in the process of identifying. 


●      Swim Test
●      Proof of completed Covid vaccination
●      Payment of fee  

Important Dates

●      Registration Opens:                                       06.25.2021
●      Registration closes:                                        08.13.2021
●      Online (Zoom) Q&A session:                         in the week of 07.12.2021  
●      Final Decision on program go-ahead:            08.14.2021
●      Payment Due:                                                 08.21.2021
●      Program Start:                                                09.11.2021
●      Program End:                                                 11.23.2021

Registration & Costs


Registration will be online via the CLRA web site. Click on this link
Places are limited (no more than 45 participants). Reservations are made on a first-come-first -serve basis. Later registrations are placed on a waiting list which will be used to fill drop-outs. 


The cost for this year’s program is $425. 
The money will be payable  during the week after we’ve informed the participants that the LTR program will take place. If you do not pay before the deadline the place will be given to the next person on the waiting list, so prompt payment is encouraged.

What Previous Participants Have Said About the Program

“It's a big commitment, and it is as rewarding as it is challenging. Makes getting up at 4:45 a.m. amazingly easy and a lot of fun.”
“It's hard work that rewards you with a feeling of accomplishment. It's a social activity that provides an opportunity for building new relationships. It's spiritual - I really like the lake in the early morning.”
“I was pleasantly surprised how organized the program was. I never expected that a group of people would have so much passion about an extra-curricular activity. I never expected to get the level of coaching that we got over the past 3 months. It was great.”
“I was a little surprised at how physically demanding the program is. I think it should be to achieve the desired results.”
“The coaches pushed us in an encouraging and patient manner bringing out our best.”

Contact Info

Address: PO Box 330, Princeton, NJ 08542-0330

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